The Technology department at Leland Public Schools is dedicated to supporting staff, students and their families in pursuit of educational excellence. Our vision is to leverage the power of technology to improve student learning by providing engaging and powerful learning experiences and content, as well as resources and assessments that measure student achievement in more complete, authentic, and meaningful ways.

Students have access to personal technology at LPS in the following ways this year:

Kindergarten classrooms have one iPad for every two students to support teacher led explorations using technology.

Grades 1 & 2 classrooms one iPad and keyboard for every student to support further teacher led technology exploration with exposure to keyboarding.

Grades 3 – 12 students are each issued personal iPads with keyboard cases that they may take home.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy:

Students in grades 10-12 may bring their own laptops or Chromebooks for use in school. They still must sign an acceptable use policy and then we can add their BYOD laptop to the school network. It is still expected that students have their school issued iPads ready for onsite classroom work. We do not add personal phones, tablets, or iPads to the school network.

Forms and Fees

Acceptable Use Policy Form for 7-12 Grades

Responsible Use Policy Form for 3-6 Grades

Responsible Use Agreement (Grades 3-6) – Required for every student
Responsible Use Agreement (Grades 7-12) – Required for every student
iPad Usage Fee Form - grades 3-12 annual fee for iPad usage

Media Release form – Options for the publishing of student images for the 2017-2018 School Year

iPad Repair Fee form


2017-2018 District Goals

Improve Teaching and Learning
To engage and empower teachers and learners with technology to improve learning.

Professional Development
Prepare and Connect

To facilitate professional development with an emphasis on educational technology that “enables and inspires more effective teaching for all learners.”

Technology Infrastructure
Redesign and Transform

To provide a robust wireless environment for 1:1 mobile devices.

Monitoring and Evaluation Goal
Measure What Matters

Teachers, students and parents will have access to tools to monitor and evaluate student learning.

Budget and Funding
To pursue innovative funding and budget to enable a “transformative learning environment” and supporting infrastructure.

We are proud to have a supportive community that has continued to approve a Technology and Bus Bond initiative every three years. This bond gives us the ability to purchase updated technology hardware that helps put devices in the hand of every student and teacher.

In addition we assess a Technology Use fee annually of $20 per student (in grades 3-12) to help cover the cost of software, insurance, and administration. This fee rounds out the added expenses not covered by the bond.

Tommy Hills
Director of Technology
Phone: 231-256-4999 Fax 231-256-3803

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