Superintendent’s Message

Saturday April 11, 2020


I sincerely hope that this communication finds you and your family doing well as our community and nation battle this pandemic. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way LPS staff and community partners have stepped up to work together on our response to COVID-19 and the challenges it has presented.

Governor Whitmer announced the closing of all schools at 11 p.m. on March 12th. Her announcement gave your staff one day to lay the initial plans for what our students might need in order to do school work from home. Our elementary students carried home classroom books, writing utensils, and paper. Paula Kelly made sure every elementary student came to the library and checked out books. Leland Mercantile donated 200 bags to carry these items home. Our secondary students cleaned out their lockers (we didn’t want the banana rotting in locker 236) and packed their textbooks. Every student in grades 1-12 carried home an iPad and a charger. This is a testament to the phenomenal support our taxpayers have given us for the better part of 25 years of passing tech bonds. A one-to-one student to device ratio isn’t repeated anywhere in our region. 

Jeanne Gross called our first Response Team meeting on Sunday March 15th. This was a large group, and we began brainstorming and formulating plans for our initial response. Our first order of business was to make sure we began to provide breakfast and lunch for students, and the next day we had bus drivers and volunteers delivering meals to homes. We also began planning for instruction. This is a daunting task, to take a brick and mortar school into the digital world in a quality fashion. Our early efforts were hampered by conflicting directives from both the State and the Federal Governments. We persevered, and we began to provide lessons that were “voluntary” to comply with directives given us by the State of Michigan. The voluntary tag is now lifted, and Jeanne Gross will bring you up to date on that topic in her communication piece.

The Response Team continued to meet almost daily, and we streamlined the group to team leaders and added St. Mary’s and the Leelanau Children's Center. This group has worked tirelessly to ensure that we provide as much support as possible to our community. 

The LPS School Board was the first board in the area to conduct digital meetings to carry on the business of the District. They even arranged to do initial interviews of candidates for your next superintendent. The finalists are Stephanie Long and Brad Brunner. Today’s Record Eagle carries a press release about the candidates on page three.

Many of you are wondering about the impact of the shelter-in-place directive on the school construction project. The crews shut down the job the same day we closed school. I do expect them to be back on the site as soon as the Governor begins to relax the shelter-in-place order. We continue to plan with our contractor and architect to ensure a quick start takes place. This will put the project timelines back somewhat, but with no students in the building, they can regain some of that ground back.

I would like everyone to know that our food distribution system provides multiple meals twice a week for anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this service. We serve Mondays and Thursdays at LPS, St Mary school, and the Bingham boat launch. The pickup times are from 11-12. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank 9 Bean Rows for providing two hundred loaves of bread for the last food drop off before Spring Break.

In closing, I want to once again thank everyone who has worked so hard day in and day out to get us to this point in time. The list of people stepping up is too large to include in the communication. We’ll get a list out at some point. You need to know that everyone who is asked to help has stepped up. The fierce commitment to serving kids has, at times, caused me to be quite emotional, which isn’t my natural state. I’m in awe of the effort and proud of our community as a whole. Hang in there, as the old adage states, this too will pass. We will all be stronger in the long run.

Mike Hartigan
Interim Superintendent
Leland Public School


Welcome to LPS!

The Right Choice!

Our K-12 school takes great pride in being a small, close-knit, caring and supportive community. We have high expectations for our student body in all curricular and co-curricular areas, and we have a strong reputation and track record as an outstanding educational institution. We are deeply committed to our mission statement. The following information describes some of the ways we achieve our goals for children.

Program Accountability

Our administration, staff, parents, and community members work tirelessly to review and improve opportunities through a variety of means, including School Improvement Team, Curriculum Planning and Review, and Professional Learning Communities. Year after year, Leland Public School receives state and national recognition for its academic performance.

Comprehensive Educational Programming

In addition to a core curriculum offering depth and variety second to none in our area, Leland also offers students K-12 the following curricular opportunities:

  • Integrated learning
  • Robotics
  • Vocal/Instrumental Music
  • Multiple Media Art
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Cross-Curricular Learning
  • Process-Based Science Drama
  • An Exceptional Writing Program

Parent/Community Partnership

Leland students are supported by a strong network of parent and community members who volunteer to serve this district in a variety of capacities. We encourage you to find your niche among the community.

The Leland Public School's Mission is to provide a visionary, innovative curriculum and learning environment to achieve maximum individual student growth by developing essential skills, thought processes, self-reliance, and motivation necessary for lifelong learning in pursuit of a satisfying career.

A Dedicated and Experienced Faculty

Our district fully supports Leland's faculty members, encouraging continual training updates, conference attendance, and other academic pursuits. All teachers are highly qualified.

Location, Location, Location!

Leland Public School is located in Northwest Michigan's idyllic Leelanau County. The district comprises approximately 75 square miles of the most beautiful country in the world, including inland lakes, streams, Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, and over 20 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Leland has a rich historical and cultural heritage.

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