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The LPS Board of Education email address is: [email protected]


The Mission of Leland Public School is to sustain a learning environment where thoughtful interactions and exchanges between students, teachers and the community, both locally and globally, encourage the development of independently minded citizens. With our commitment to solid fundamental skills, inquiry based discovery, well developed critical thought, effective oral and written communication, and current advanced technology accessible to all, Leland Public School consistently fosters social connectedness and personal responsibility, providing students with essential tools to pursue fulfilling lives.


  • The Board of Education acknowledges its right and responsibility to build and maintain a world class program.
  • The Board of Education is committed to maintaining a sound financial base.
  • The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to foster the development of our most valuable resource, our staff.
  • The Board of Education encourages regular and open communication with students, staff, parents, and the community.
  • The Board of Education provides facilities, grounds, and educational resources maintained at the highest possible standard so as to enhance the educational experience of all students and staff.
  • The Board of Education values and supports 0-5 early education programming.
Board Members:

Bill Robinson - President
Tanja Wittrock - Vice President
Tom Trumbull - Secretary
Ross Satterwhite - Treasurer
Logan Suttmann - Trustee
John Elwell - Trustee
Kate Vilter Stassen - Trustee