Food Service Back to School 2021/2022


All enrolled students at Leland Public School are eligible to receive FREE Breakfast and Lunch for school year 2021/2022! You don’t have to take any action to qualify, just have your hungry students come see us in the cafeteria, before class starts in the morning for breakfast, and at their assigned lunch period!


We are very pleased to be sending students through the line again this year while in phases “green” and “yellow.” Because we don’t have to pre-package meals like last year, it is our hope to have a wider variety of daily menu items to offer. Our Salad Bar might look a little different: we will be prepackaging salads and a variety of fresh vegetables to help reduce to spread of germs. We will offer a variety of fresh fruits, local applesauce, dried cherries and more!

Although we are eager to offer a variety of options, we have been notified by our food suppliers that we should be expecting huge supply chain issues, and that we may have to be somewhat flexible with our menu this year.


We are operating our School Nutrition Program under “Offer Vs Serve.” This means we will offer a complete balanced meal, with all required food groups daily, but the student can choose which components to take. With the exception that: at Lunch, they must take 3 of the 5 offered components, and one component must be a serving of fruit or vegetable. At Breakfast students must take 2 to 3 (depending on the size of the grain) of the 4 offered components and one component must be a serving of fruit or vegetable. Explaining this to your child will be a huge help to the food service department and moving students through the cafeteria line quickly! If your student refuses to take a full meal, with the minimum required components, we have to charge ala carte prices. Ala carte is only available to students with a positive balance on their lunch account. Ala carte items include extras & smart snacks. You can add funds to your students account at

*Please review the Food Service Debt Policy located at


School Breakfast is a wonderful way to start your day! Offered every school day, to every student, and NO COST! Nutritious, Convenient, FREE! Hot and cold options daily!

·      Did you know that all school meals have to meet strict regulations to ensure each meal is balanced, nutritious, low in sodium, saturated fats, free from trans fats and whole grain rich?

·      Schools can purchase specially produced, name brand cereals and breakfast options that are free from trans-fat, lower in sugar and higher in whole grains that you can’t buy at your grocery store.

·      Please make sure your student arrives to school early enough to participate in the breakfast program, so they are not late for class. Students should make the cafeteria their first stop, even before stopping at their lockers.


If your student has Special Dietary Requirements, we are required by law to have a Special Diet Statement filled out and signed by a licensed physician. After the signed statement is received, we will provide the substitutions required. *We do offer SILK as a milk substitute when the Special Diet Statement is completed. It is available to students without a Special Diet Statement as an ala carte item daily.


To further eliminate the spread of bacteria, we are transitioning from a push button key pad to  a bar code reader system this year. Students will be required to bring their ID cards with them to the lunch line. Temporary ID cards will be issued the first week of school. After school pictures are taken, your student will receive a permanent ID card with their personal bar code attached.


Although every student qualifies for free meals this year, we strongly encourage all families to fill out a free and reduced meal application at This benefits the school in forms of funding as well as potential for your family to receive discounts for sports, academic testing, college applications, and grocery assistance.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Food Service Director, Shawna Seitter at [email protected] or at 231-256-3808 with any questions or concerns.