Leland Education Foundation (LEF)

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What is the Leland Educational Foundation (LEF)?

The Leland Educational Foundation (LEF), is a non-profit 5013C organization whose primary mission is to raise money that is used by the students and teachers at Leland Public School for the enhancement and enrichment of the students’ learning experience. The LEF is separate from the public school and is controlled by a volunteer board of directors that includes parents, teachers and community members.

Every child at Leland Public School benefits from the funds that are raised through LEF!  Requests, which we call grants, are given for things like class field trips, camps, new equipment, mentoring programs, special requests from teachers, and other experiences, programming and materials that the school may not have in their budget.  The fulfillment of these grant requests contributes greatly to the World Class education that students receive at Leland Public School.

The LEF is funded through donations, sponsorships and special fund raising events. The fall auction “Fall in Love with Leland Public School” is the primary fund raiser for the organization. LEF also relies on the generous sponsorships and contributions that are received from the community, parents, staff, business owners and alumni that love and support Leland Public School and its students.